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add url index google fast

Google Add Url

You can submit your website to Google at the following URL: http://www.google.com/addurl.html Submitting your site will only make Google aware that your page exists; it is quite possible that your pages may get crawled even if you have not submitted. It is advisable to submit the home page and some inside pages. Inside pages are added to the submission, just in case the home page is found too slow to load or crawl. The pages that are submitted should link to the rest of the pages. Google indexes the full text that is visible on any page that it crawls. It generally does not index the metatags – keywords ordescriptions. When Google lists your page in the search results, the description that is displayed is the extract of text that is around the first line where the search word appears on the page. It may thus be a good idea to write a good description of the page and build it around the most likely search term(s) and place that near the top of your page.You should remember that one sure way of getting your site listed and indexed is if there are several links that point to your site and such links appear on web pages that in turn have several other links pointing to them. The term “link popularity” is used for this. It analyzes links of the pages that it has visited and this “link analysis”helps to determine the ranking of the page. Google uses a proprietary PageRank algorithm for determining relevance and ranking of pages in the search results. Location and frequency of the search term on your web page are no doubt factors inranking; however, off-the-page factors such as link analysis are more important. Generally, Google provides search results based on relevancy, meaning that it returns a list of pages ranked by the number of other web pages linking to each page, as well as other mathematical algorithms.

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Pada 3 Mei 2009 17.27 , Blogger rosyad mengatakan...

wach...kbtln kmrn aq dah nyoba mas...
tp kok URLku blm muncul di google?

Pada 4 Mei 2009 09.42 , Blogger google blog info mahasiswa mengatakan...

tunggu ampe 2 ato 3 hari mas... insya alloh gud luck


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